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Rijon Drawing Board

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Requires Pokémon FireRed ROM
Christmas 2008 Beta
717KB ZIP file (includes instructions and UPS patchers)


The rijonAdventures Christmas beta will differ slightly from final version (and beta versions sent to approved beta testers) as not all features and areas are available. There may be bugs in this release - if you find any, please report them at the rijonAdventures bug reporting thread at our forums. Please read the enclosed text file for instructions on how to use this patch.

Screenshots, including those blog entries presented on this site, may not be shown in the public beta. Additionally, what is shown in this beta may end up being changed significantly in the final version.

If you're using any rijonAdventures alpha or the beta, it is recommended that you update to this version to take advantage of any new features. You may, however, encounter issues as a result of new features added to this release.

Limitations of the Christmas 2008 beta

  • Sprites and artwork are not in this release (except for Karpman). All other sprites for Gym Leaders and the Elite Four are temporary.
  • Goldenrod City is partially accessible and some areas in Johto are not available.
  • The quest to South Rijon (and Virturia) is not available in this release. This beta ends after your Elite Four campaign.