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Recent updates

General information

Getting closer, getting more refined

August 4th 2009

Been a while, hasn't it? Got some updates for you guys, though they are admittedly pretty minor. I'm not close enough to a final release, but I'm not dead and rijonAdventures isn't dead either. That's a promise! (*By admission, SoulSilver will occupy my soul for a while once it releases.)

Because I haven't been making my intentions clear, I'll re-state them. The actual final release will be coincident with Pokémon Prism, but since that won't be up for a while I won't be giving the all-clear either. However, I do intend to make a more complete beta release - maybe one that'll be close to the final version, just without the touches added.

With that out of the way, here's some screenshots of what you will see in the next and final version - refinements to existing areas.

Seashore City finally has a sea shore.
Seashore City finally has a sea shore.

The Guru gives information on stuff you might not know, and tips on your adventure.
The Guru gives information on stuff you might not know, and tips on your adventure.

Cycling Road has been completely rebuilt.
Cycling Road has been completely rebuilt.

Hayward better reflects changes done 20 years in the future.
Hayward better reflects changes done 20 years in the future.

What's a Trainer Lounge?
What's a Trainer Lounge?

More Seashore City.
More Seashore City.

Mt. Boulder Range is completely redone too.
Mt. Boulder Range is completely redone too.


2009 beta

January 12th 2009

How was Christmas and the New Year? Was it fine? I've got something new for the New Year, too.

Download now

This release is more of an incremental thing. It fixes a few bugs that people have encountered, but it also adds the updated Merson Cave map I showed off earlier. Give it a whirl if you'd like!

Area information

Merson Cave VERSION UP.

December 28th 2008
Merson Cave old version Merson Cave new version

Yes, I was fully aware that the old map was ugly and outdated compared to many of the new areas in the game. It's good to refresh something every once in a while. (Especially since the map hasn't been touched for years.)


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2008

The rijonAdventures Christmas 2008 Beta is finally out!

Download now
Download now (mirror 1)

This is my present to everyone.


Okay okay, I lied about the updates part…

December 21st 2008

I'm preparing the Christmas beta though, just you wait!

In other news, I got a shiny award at The PokéCommunity and a pretty emblem too. (Truth be told, I actually made them.)

rijonAdventures, The PokéCommunity's Hack of the Year for 2008.

rijonAdventures, The PokéCommunity's Hack of the Year for 2008.

A big thank-you to everyone who voted for rijonAdventures (if any) and the judges of the Hack of the Year. :D


rijonAdventures Christmas beta!

November 21st 2008

A new beta will be released on December 25th! The beta will contain the entire campaign right until the Elite Four is beaten - South Rijon and a few secret areas will remain secret in the beta being released this Christmas.

I'll keep posting updates, but for now, ciao!


The Elite Four's Nina appears!

November 20th 2008
Nina of the Elite Four

Another long while! But I'm still alive! School's finally over! Time to introduce another character!

Nina trains flying-type Pokémon. At the start of the game, the Elite Four are on official leave, so Nina, a member of the Elite Four, is walking around the region looking for traces of Lugia. You'll first see her in the Rijon Tunnel doing a bit of exploration. Meeting her is mostly crucial to the story, as after the league campaign you'll be meeting her again and helping her out for something big…

Meeting Nina.

(From the previous post and this post, you'll notice that I've added a Javascript that zooms in on thumbnails. A lovely script, at that.)


Definite while

August 31st 2008

Been a while since my last update (three months). Much too busy this year, though I've been doing things. I'm not dead!

A lot of things are worked on, never you worry. The project goal has been thrown off a fair bit, but in the process, I can make a whole lot of refinements to the game. And clean up my dirty work. Maybe I'll be able to release a beta with all of the Rijon region accessible.

In the meantime, take a look one of the kinds of changes I'm making.

Castro Valley (old map) Castro Valley (new map)

Apparently, the computer of the artist who's working on rijonAdventures' excellent art has needed a reformat. But, hopefully I can show you guys more art later on!

Pokémon and people


May 30th 2008

The first time you walk into the Seashore City gym, there's a surprise in store.

What kind of gym is this?!

What kind of gym is this?!

The Gym Leader in this gym is Sheral. She's a Psychic trainer who you can fight in the beta. Speaking of the beta, the layout is slightly different between the final and the released beta.

The problem is now locating where she is in the gym.

Here? Here? Or here?

Here? Here? Or here?

It's quite a large gym. She's in so many different places. They're not her. Who's the real one?

Where could she be?

Where could she be?


Spinning the money wheel…

May 23rd 2008

It's been a long time without an update, so it's time to deliver something new.

In the Goldenrod City Game Corner, which recently received a renovation, there's a new game!

Screenshot: Betting 500 yen for 250 coins. Screenshot: Do you want to bet? Screenshot: Waiting for the bet.

This is a game of luck!

Put down a some of your money, and get coins. A bit devious, isn't it? But, you have to be lucky! In the screenshots above, the player can put down 500 yen in a game of chance.

Screenshot: Bankrupt! Screenshot: No bonus! Screenshot: Minor bonus! Won 50 coins!

A variety of outcomes occur…

There are numerous outcomes dependent on chance. If you are unlucky enough to get “Bankrupt” (which happens often) then you'll lose your bet. If you get a “no bonus”, you don't lose your money. If you get any coins out of this, you still lose your bet but you get some coins out of it. On the table in the screenshot above, you can get 50 coins, but…

If you're lucky, you can get up to 250 coins! …on this particular table only, that is.

Screenshot: 2000 yen for 1000 coins!

2000 yen for 1000 coins max!?

There are different tables that bet different amounts. Perhaps you can fill your coin case much more easily?

General information[TECH NOTE]

UPS patching specification

May 3rd 2008
rA + UPS

rijonAdventures will be supporting a new patching format called UPS. This format allows for a much bigger ROM size (more for working on!). It's a new format that aims to also iron out the problems with the IPS format.

Read on to find out about why rijonAdventures will be using UPS and what benefits it provides.

Read more…

Area information


April 27th 2008
Portal to Virturia

Virturia is a virtual reality chamber. The world inside is completely virtual. You're thrown straight into this world as part of the South Rijon quest.

First town of Virturia First route of Virturia
The first town in Virturia, and the first route of Virturia.

??? ??? ???
Where might this be?
Area information[TEASER]

Azalea Town

April 25th 2008
Azalea Town
Not hard to guess where this is.
Alerts and notices

Patching guide

April 18th 2008

There is a patching guide now available in the site's Support and assistance section. This is used to primarily hard-patch rijonAdventures, though similar methods can be applied to any game that needs patching.


Area information

South Rijon - Panning Creek

April 17th 2008

Panning Creek is one of the areas of South Rijon.

Screenshot: Panning Creek Screenshot: Panning Creek

It consists of bridges, bridges, and a long river.

Screenshot: Panning Creek Screenshot: Panning Creek

There are numerous spots where you'll find hidden items, as well. What kind of items flow down this creek?

Pokémon and people

Elite Four Marisa

April 9th 2008

A bit of background first; I've never actually revealed much about the Elite Four, and while the beta testing team probably know their Pokémon, they don't know exactly who they are or what they look like.

The Rijon Elite Four has changed significantly. The members are not the same Elite Four of Rijon that was shown in Brown, so it's probably going to be nice to introduce some of you to one of the new members. I'll only introduce two of them publicly, so the other two and their stories are going to remain a mystery for a while…


Marisa is the grand daughter of the Elite Four's Agatha. Agatha herself was part of Rijon's Elite Four (after leaving Kanto). As such, she has a similar preference of Ghost Pokémon to her grandmother. Marisa carries around a mask which she occasionally wears around in public.

She is the third member of Rijon's current Elite Four.

Pokémon and people

Gym Leader Lachlan - “Karpman”

April 6th 2008

Nicknamed “Karpman” in comparison to “Cartman” from South Park. His name is actually a pun of Magikarp. In rijonAdventures, a first name is revealed, but he'll still be known by the name Karpman throughout most of the game. Everyone knows him by that nickname.

Lachlan is the first gym leader you encounter in Rijon. His gym is located in Merson City. You'll find him to be a bit of a challenge depending on how well you've trained, and since his team consists of two water Pokémon, you might want to catch a Bellsprout if you picked Charmander as your starting Pokémon. Funny that, the Pokémon he uses in battle are very similar to the ones he used in Pokémon Brown…

Inside the Merson Gym
Inside the Merson Gym

Relations. And she knows Karpman's real name!

Where Karpman travels to train Seriously, Karpman can do this?
Rumors go around…

Time for a battle!
Time for a battle!

Karpman's not always in the gym. He trains on a beach sometimes and isn't against a rematch with you. Even still, he's not going to battle you with his so-called main team.

Hmm… I wonder what his main team even is…?

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