Gym Leader campaign… again!

You’ve heard of “Challenge Leaders” before, but the whole concept hasn’t really been explained that much. I’ve actually ended up calling them “Gym Leaders” again, but the entire concept behind them remains the same. What are they, exactly?


Rachel and Chad are two Gym Leaders of… South Rijon. That’s right; you heard right – South Rijon has Gym Leaders. The reward for defeating them is a secret right now, but unlike Gold/Silver, where you end up battling Gym Leaders at toned-down levels, South Rijon’s Gym Leaders are going to be challenging. When I say challenging, I mean Level 60+ challenging.

Oh, and the final challenge (South Rijon’s champion)? Expect a fight where the highest-levelled Pokémon is an astoundingly high Level 100. (The regret here is that you may, unless you cheat or find a random supply of Rare Candy, never actually be able to finish the game.) Who’s the hotshot with such a crazy, blasphemy-of-a-high levelled Pokémon?

That’s for another day.

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